My list for August.

After days of rain, the sun peeked out for just a minute Tuesday evening. I have never been so happy to see the sun in my entire life. Though the city of Houston and its surrounding areas have a long, long road to recovery from the devastating flooding of Hurricane/Tropical Storm Harvey, I am very grateful to report that Lennox and I came through unscathed. We got a very small amount of water in our apartment during the worst of the deluge — literally just puddles — but they were from drainage issues, not floodwater, and they receded almost immediately. We have no damaged property (including our car), and were safe and relatively comfortable the entire time.

We lucked out.

We are making room in our September budget for some charitable giving for organizations helping with the aftermath of the storm.

August was a difficult month all around, though. My anxiety spiraled out of control again, and I have been having panic attacks almost every day. I had to start back into weekly therapy, which is a very large expense (we pay completely out of pocket as our insurance does not cover extended talk therapy). Our savings rate will be reduced to almost nothing until I can scale back to monthly sessions. Trust me when I say that this is disappointing on a lot of levels.

Anyway, in August I:

  • Refilled my dried parsley spice jar for $0.28. Herbs and spices from the bulk aisle are one of the best grocery bargains that exist.
  • Got a free sample of Kotex pads in the mail.
  • Used a Redbox discount code to rent a Blu-ray disc. I watched “The Fate of the Furious” for $0.81! That’s a LOT of over-the-top car chasing and a whole bunch of heavily muscled leading men for less than a buck.
  • Was actually able to use a coupon at Jo-Ann Fabrics (their coupon game is completely rigged, but that’s a whole other rant). I got 40% off a purchase of muslin that I would have gotten regardless, but it was nice to get a discount.
  • Only bought a few extra snack-type dry goods and three more gallons of water to augment what we already had on hand for our hurricane kit before Harvey hit. Panic buying and hoarding can be expensive.
  • Being in the middle of a natural disaster meant eating no take out, and mostly from the pantry. Not enough to compensate for lost income, but at this point probably anything that isn’t flood-related is a positive point.
  • Read 13 eBooks and 2 physical books from the library, and 2 free Kindle books. It was a slow reading month for me; I was mostly too anxious to concentrate.

I just hope my crazy ass has a more productive and less emotionally taxing September.

July has been a rough month.

Our cat had been sick for many months, but we had to have her put to sleep last week. So: July has been a rough month. Pet grief is a real thing, you guys. I can’t sleep, I’m depressed, and I’m having trouble feeding myself properly. To add insult to injury, we also got a terrible flea infestation in the last week and a half of her life (almost certainly from a neighboring apartment, as our cat had not been outside in many years, and had never had fleas — even when she came to us as a rescue). So she got to be itchy and miserable as well as in pain, because I didn’t dare use a chemical pesticide on her or in the house with her illness.

It was horrible.

Anyway, in July I:

  • Finally watched a movie I’d gotten for free from Google Play a long time ago. I had forgotten all about it — I sometimes watch TV episodes on the computer if there’s no other way to stream them, but very rarely watch movies that way — but our new Roku has a Google Play channel, and I noticed the movie in my library when I logged in.
  • Used money earned doing surveys to pay for both my Seamwork subscription and all my Patreon contributions this month. I almost never accumulate enough to pay for all of these, so this was particularly nice.
  • Started to transition back into eating more prepared foods instead of take out. Though more expensive (and likely less healthy, in many cases) than eating food made from scratch, it’s definitely less expensive (and healthier in most cases) than take out. I have to work within my limitations, and a marginal improvement is still an improvement.
  • Spent a very quiet 4th of July holiday. Cooked all meals at home, and went for a swim in one of the pools in our apartment complex.
  • Went to a free sneak preview for “Atomic Blonde” – 2 1/2 weeks before it opened. Look, I’m more than willing to pay for Charlize, but free Charlize is even better.
  • Had been reading a series on eBook from the library, but the next book was not available. This particular book was a re-release to eBook only (the physical book is out of print), and I didn’t want to pay full price for it. I found a used paperback on for $1.00, and even with shipping it was less than half the cost of the eBook. (File under hashtag #VoraciousReadingHabit.)
  • Snagged a 2018 Nature Conservancy calendar from the free pile at work. And it has lovely photos!
  • Got a free sample of flavored sparkling water from our grocery delivery service. It really hit the spot on a hot day. Kept me from buying a soda, in fact.
  • Restored all of the data (including all of my music files, how I had missed them!) from our old computer, and returned the external drive to our back up service on time, which refunded me the $99 I had paid to have the it delivered. Then I deleted the old computer’s license from the service, thereby halving our monthly back up service fee. Or, to be honest, returning the fee to its original single computer price. Still counts, I think — despite the procrastination. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Any progress is progress.
  • Spent an excellent afternoon visiting with E.K. and her partner when they visited from San Francisco. They brought snacks and I cooked lunch for them, and since they are probably the most frugal people I know it probably never occurred to them to demand a fancy, expensive outing. Now we need to carve some airfare out of the budget so we can go to the Bay Area and visit them.
  • Had a free drink on my Starbucks card.
  • Read 17 eBooks from the library, and 5 free books from Kindle.

That’s actually not a bad list for such a bad month. Here’s hoping for a much better August, at least emotionally, and that I can keep my frugal momentum going even in the face of my sadness.

My list for June.

This is probably not a comprehensive list, and — to be honest — I spent more than I intended to this month. I bought two pairs of shoes (on clearance, at least) as well as some fabric I definitely didn’t need, and we spent more on take out than I would like. Hopefully I will be too busy in July focusing on Camp Nanowrimo to spend a lot of money.

In June I:

  • Had a free Starbucks drink on my card.
  • Did an additional project for a client to bring in some extra income.
  • Replaced the streaming device on our bedroom TV. Using a combination of credit card points and a coupon, Lennox bought a new Roku for only $10! I have been watching a lot of PBS on there, which I had previously been watching on the laptop. Much more convenient! (The PBS channel is free, too.)
  • Spent a whopping $0.24 on bulk thyme to refill an empty spice jar. [Insert money bag emoji here.]
  • Had a free taco at Taco Bell with my Mom (they were free due to some sport-y thing again). We also got “happy hour” special iced teas for only $1 each. I do love a cheap outing.
  • Stocked up on inexpensive gluten free products at Aldi.
  • Had a free lunch at work to celebrate a co-worker’s birthday.
  • Had completely forgotten that I still had a small balance on a Google Play gift card I had gotten for Christmas, so I used that to buy a few eBooks this month.
  • Got a $5 Amazon card by taking a survey.
  • Read 2 physical books and 20 eBooks from the library, as well as 2 free Kindle books. I also watched 4 DVDs from the library this month.

I may finish another library book this evening, too. I read a lot, you guys. It’s a good thing the majority of my reading is free!

Apparently April was pretty distracting, too?

Um, I am not doing a very good job at keeping up with these posts. And this month I didn’t even do a very good job at keeping my list! I’d like to order the failure platter with a side of shame sauce, thanks.

Anyway, as far as I can tell I:

  1. Used my last birthday goodie from last month, a $5 off coupon at Jason’s Deli. (The potato soup is back! It’s my favorite thing there, but it’s seasonal.)
  2. Got a free jar of salsa, a free Larabar, and a free package of fancy Jell-O pudding mix at Kroger.
  3. Sewed a top using fabric scraps and fabric from a failed sewing experiment — and a free sewing pattern download. I even used a leftover piece of bias tape and thread I already had on hand. Although my time and labor certainly count for something, speaking only of supplies, I managed to make myself a free shirt.
  4. Read 17 free eBooks from the library, and one truly dreadful free book on my Kindle app. Seriously, I regretted it. Even though it was free. Ugh.

While we’re still keeping our failures in mind (I say “our” like I’m referring to myself in the royal “we,” I guess), I didn’t earn as much as usual this month, either — and wasn’t able to transfer anything extra from my income into savings. Perhaps I should add a slice of humble pie to my order above, too.

There’s always next month!

I got distracted in March.

I didn’t keep track of things very well last month. I was kind of overwhelmed with client work, but that also means I didn’t do much of anything besides work.

So, as best as I can recall, last month I:

  1. Had a free drink on my Starbucks card.
  2. Stocked up on gluten-free crackers and wraps at rock bottom prices at Aldi. We don’t have an one nearby so we rarely shop there, but sometimes stop by the one near my in-laws after a family lunch.
  3. Had another free drink from Starbucks, but for my birthday.
  4. Had a free small popcorn at the movies — again, for my birthday. I sign up for lots of loyalty programs just for the birthday goodies.
  5. Managed to put 12% of my net pay into savings in March. Maybe not great, but not terrible.
  6. Read 24 free eBooks from the library, and 2 free books on my Kindle app.

Maybe I’ll keep track more diligently this month. I can at least try!

I think it has been a few weeks, maybe?

I was still keeping my list, though.

In the last few weeks I:

  1. Used DuoLingo daily to re-learn French. I do this all the time, actually, but I’ve never thought to add it to the list. It’s free basic instruction, and although the Owl mascot is a passive-aggressive super freak, it’s a fantastic resource.
  2. We went out to eat for Valentine’s Day…but we used a coupon.
  3. Finally bought a piece of software (Scrivener) after a couple of years of dithering around. I’d almost purchased it at least three time before, but it was 50% off, so I finally did it. Here’s to (hopefully) more organized novel writing!
  4. Bought a cardigan sweater at the thrift store on clearance for $0.77. Like new, less than a buck!
  5. Gave Lennox a haircut. He has very long hair, so I just trim it right across the bottom. It’s just like trimming bangs, except on a longer scale. And it took me all of the length of an Onion A.V. Club video to do it, so it saved a few bucks and a lot of time.
  6. Downloaded a free Kindle First book. Although it’s an Amazon Prime benefit, I don’t always find the monthly book selections interesting enough to bother getting one. It doesn’t matter if something is free if you really won’t use it — or read it, in this case.
  7. Used a $10 coupon (sent for my birthday) to order my favorite peach tea in bulk at a discount.
  8. All that being said, sometimes you have to compromise. My husband and I share a car — which is very frugal, of course — so I often don’t have have the ability to run errands when it is convenient (especially with regards to my energy level). And there are plenty of errands which are impossible to do on foot (especially since moving to this crappy neighborhood) and just too difficult to do on public transit. (We live in Houston, not Chicago. Transit here is marginal at best. I ride the bus often, but it’s rarely convenient.) So a simple grocery trip must either be done late in the evening (when I can barely do anything) or on the weekend, when the stores are packed (when I may have a panic attack from the crowd). So this really sucks! I hadn’t had groceries delivered in years — not since I worked a regular office job — and I had no idea that the options had expanded so much. I ordered from Instacart today, and it was an excellent and not-too-expensive-in-a-pinch option. Since the first delivery was free, the service fee and tip was less than a cab ride — and the personal convenience was worth every penny to me, anyway.
  9. Used a $20 Amazon credit to order take out one day when I wasn’t feeling well.
  10. Read 15 eBooks from the library, and 3 free eBooks from Kindle.

Not too shabby, I guess.

Small successes adding up.

Quick update…this week I:

  1. Used a reward on my Starbucks card for a free drink.
  2. Finally replaced our most worn (and slightly, I am ashamed to say, holey) sheets with some very soft organic cotton sheets from Target on clearance.
  3. Ordered a case of Swiffer sheet knock offs from the Dollar Tree. I haven’t paid full price for name brand ones in years, but someone keeps buying them out as soon as they’re restocked at the closest store! At least we have room to store them.
  4. Went to Target and actually purchased only the things on my list. That always feels good…but doesn’t always happen.
  5. Read 4 eBooks from the library, and one free eBook from Amazon Kindle.

Over the month of January we managed to save $525 over the normal amount we normally put into our household savings. So that’s a success for sure!

A week of replacing stuff, oddly enough.

Still inundated by work, but the end is in sight. Whew!

This past week I:

  1. Repaired the hem of a hand towel rather than replace it.
  2. Was also able to reuse some old Command hooks by getting replacement strips. Definitely cheaper than replacing the hooks with new ones.
  3. We had been looking for a replacement for our small non-stick skillet for a while, and really wanted a ceramic lined one instead of the traditional (maybe unhealthy) kind. We hadn’t seen one in the size we needed for less than $30, but came across one at Tuesday Morning for $12! It was even a pretty green that went with our kitchen colors. We found out at the register that it was on clearance, so we ended up paying less than $10 for the exact sort of skillet we wanted. It really does pay to wait, if you can.
  4. Stocked up on some extra groceries to take advantage of some good sale prices.
  5. Read somewhere that the average person spends $147 on Valentine’s Day gifts and laughed myself silly. I’d say Lennox spends about $30 on flowers for me (never roses, roses are for chumps, haha), and I spend about $5 on a fancy card for him. Some years we go out to dinner somewhere casual, often my favorite Mexican restaurant — no reservations required, and only around $35. I’d say spending $70 at the most instead of nearly $300 is a pretty significant savings — and also a good example of the sorts of habits most representative of lifelong frugality.
  6. Got myΒ eShakti order in the mail, courtesy of a very generous gift card I got from my Mom in December. I wasn’t sure I should really include it here, as I did spend about $60 over the value of the gift card, but considering that I got two custom size dresses and a custom shirt, I still feel like I got a good deal. I rarely get brand new clothes (that I don’t sew myself), so it feels like a realΒ indulgence! However, considering that I do get higher quality clothes from eShakti that last longer and look better than regular off-the-rack clothes, I still think this counts. Considering how disposable fast fashion clothing can be — it rarely lasts more than a few washes, in my experience — I bet I actually save money shopping this way in the long run. I have a dress from eShakti that I purchased in 2010 and still wear, for instance.
  7. Read only one eBook from the library this week, mostly because I have been way too busy working to read at my normal pace.

That’s about it for now! Back to the salt mines…